SHOCKING REVALATION: Proof of Russian Election Tampering

This has just come in to me, a source in the intelligence community who wishes (for obvious reasons) to remain anonymous has dropped a bombshell in my lap.  He has confirmed that Russian cyber-assets interfered with the 2016 US Presidential election on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign.  According to him, Russian tampering is the only reason Hillary got a majority of the popular vote.  “The words ‘Hillary’ and ‘popular’ don’t even belong in the same paragraph,” he told me, “without the Russians, President Trump would’ve walked away with it in a landslide.”

This news is so contrary to the media narrative that I had trouble believing it at first.  When asked about this apparent contradiction, he replied “Of course Putin wanted Clinton in the White House.  Why wouldn’t he want his number 1 rival being lead by a chronically unhealthy alcoholic who is known to be open to bribes?  As Secretary of State, she sold them our uranium for Christ’s sake.  It’s just common sense.”

This is truly shocking news.  As of this writing, we are still awaiting word from the numerous investigatory bodies (FBI, House, Senate, etc.) on their change in focus.