Clockmed vs HanAssholeSolo: A Case Study in Normie Bigotry

In the final seconds of Wednesday’s (7/5/17) show, Rush Limbaugh brought up an important point in regards to the #CNNBlackmail story by reminding listeners of the “Clock Boy” incident.  For those of you who don’t remember Clockmed, let me recap: a 14-year-old inbred muslim half-wit removes the case of a digital alarm clock, puts the guts into a metal pencil case, and takes his “invention” (as he called it) to school.  The results were as you might imagine.  There’s actually debate about whether his father and/or sister built the device, knowing that it looked like a bomb, and set him to school with it as a jihadi psy-op, but that’s immaterial.  In the weeks following the uproar: tech companies offered him grants and scholarships, Universities offered to enroll him upon graduation, he even got the support of the former occupant of the White House.  Not bad for 10 minutes worth of work and a whole lot of victim LARPing.  Needless to say, the #FakeNews media acted as the Mohammed family’s personal PR firm.

HanAssholeSolo, on the other hand, is a Kekistani prodigy.  He posted a meme so dank that the God-Emperor Himself retweeted it.  Since CNN was the butt of the joke, they lost their shit and got their IT extra-virgins to track him down and threatened to dox him, knowing full well that their dwindling audience is comprised mostly of Antifa jerkoffs who would physically attack this minor and his family.

So there you have it, dear reader(s).  The SJW media protects and defends a teenager who brought a hoax bomb to school while targeting a teenager who posted a funny gif on Reddit.  Don’t bother calling CNN hypocrites, to paraphrase Ann Barnhardt in her magnum opus “Diabolical Narcissism: The Overarching Global Pathology“:

  1. Calling someone a hypocrite is attempting to shame them, and these people are completely incapable of shame
  2. Not only are these people already aware of their hypocritical behavior, they get off on it

The only way forward is to completely destroy the SJW media, leave them powerless and as financially bankrupt as they are morally bankrupt.  Cut the cord, target their sponsors for boycotts and massive shitposting campaigns, call out their bullshit every chance you get, and for fuck sake, ignore every cuck who tells you to “be reasonable”.  Cry havoc and let slip the frogs of war!